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Our focus is to get you in the best shape of your life!

Mission Statement

Fit-4-Retirement-Pro is for people who are retired or wanting to prepare for retirement. These are people that have discovered they're not in the physical shape to enjoy this time in their lives. Fit-4-Retirement-Pro promises to share tools that have been proven to be effective in helping others lose weight, build muscle, gain stamina and mentally prepare for having the time of their life! We help you by offering my one-on-one support, plus the support of a community of people who are either retired or preparing to retire to help you find your path to a healthy, active retirement; and all this from the comfort of your own home.

This is backed by my own journey in becoming healthier and happier, doing tons of research on our aging bodies and fitness and nutrition for older people; using experts and support from other retirees and professionals.

This is to address the need for people who are in their 50's and discovered that their bodies changed in ways they don't like; thicker middle, weight going up and unable to keep up with the grandkids.

Since we understand that slowing metabolism, retirement and fixed income can be a tough adjustment; and that life doesn't train us to have so much leisure time and maintaining fitness in these conditions is hard!

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