My Fitness Journey Update, February 2017!

My Fitness Journey Update, February 2017!

January wasn’t a good month, but then it rarely is. The small amount of day light along with the cold temperatures just make it a rough month for me. (And February is not much better.) It seems like every time I took 3 steps forward, I ended up taking two back. Now, I know this is still positive progress, but because I am an emotional eater, my nutrition goes down the tubes.

What Went Right?

I don’t want it sounding like it was all doom and gloom. I am making forward progress. First, physical therapy has been going great. I’m down to going once a week, working on getting my muscles firing properly. I’ve been doing some time on the treadmill, bike, and in the pool. The bike is easy; I set the seat, pick the program and level and pedal for 30 minutes, but my rear gets sore. The pool, is rough, I’ve always been a recreational swimmer. I could swim well enough to get my SCUBA certification, but was never really very good in swimming laps. My problem is breathing, and from what I’ve read, it is one of the bigger problems. Now, the treadmill is the most troubling. I started for 10 minutes walking at 3.0 MPH, upped it to 20 minutes. Finally, I went to five minutes warm-up, one minute “running” at 4.0 MPH, walking for nine minutes, doing another run for a minute, and then walk until my time was up.

I also added afternoon workouts back in. I’m doing the 3-Week Yoga Retreat with Beachbody On Demand. I did restart it once because of some issues with my knee, and I think I will continue repeating it when I’m done.

What Went Wrong?

I had a few set backs this month. On a Monday, I upped my treadmill time to 30 minutes, with 3 running intervals. I didn’t seem to have any problem after that. But on Tuesday of the same week, I swam, and again, it seemed fine. When it was time to cook dinner, I found I could barely stand or walk. I ended up taking Wednesday and Thursday off that week. I biked on Friday, which seemed to go fine. And then Aqua-Fit class on Saturday was fine. I finally got back on the treadmill on Wednesday, but no running, just walking. I’ve developed a very tender spot in my right quadriceps that I think is causing these issues so anytime I’m making it work, I have a flair up with knee pain. I have added foam rolling to my morning routine, trying to get that spot fixed.

Well, What Can I Do This Month?

Because February is a short month with the number of days, it seems like the longest. Typically it’s one of the coldest months, buy the amount of daylight is increasing! I know I won’t be out running the streets yet, I need the control the treadmill gives me on my speeds, I do hope to get my walking up to 3.5 MPH and my 1 minute running speed up to 5.0 MPH. This may take longer than the month, but that’s the overall goal. Once those speeds are reached, I start increasing the run intervals.

I also hope to be in the pool swimming twice a week working on getting my breathing better. Turning my head and not lifting it is my goal!

The Stats For This Month

Aug 2016Feb 2017Change
Body Fat (Skulpt)34.7%33.8%-0.9%
Right Bicep15.014.0-1.0
Left Bicep15.014.0-1.0
Right Thigh25.524.50-1.0
Left Thigh25.524.50-1.0

Well, this tells the tale. I gained a pound and 0.1% body fat and the muscle quality went down over 2 points. Showing the need to not only do cardio, but weight training too.

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