My Fitness Journey Update, April 2017!

My Fitness Journey Update, April 2017!

I had a bunch of “Non-Scale” victories in March. Thanks to a trip to Florida, I started walking on a semi-regular basis. I started back doing strength training workouts in the afternoon as well as stretching!

What Went Right?

Well, as I said above, I started strength training for my afternoon workouts. I’m using the 10-Minute Trainer for my workouts. These are quick, but very effective. It includes some strength, cardio, along with stretching. I also do my own stretching routine after, still working on getting my legs a lot looser! While on vacation, I tried to keep my eating under control, some days where harder than others, but a lot of salads were eaten!

What Went Wrong?

This is easy, vacation! One meal, we had a prime rib that had to weigh in around 2-3 pounds! It was over two inches thick! Needless to say, I didn’t finish that! I did try running a couple of times, but it ended up with being a setback due to knee pain. I also started seeing my Chiropractor to try to balance things out as well as getting my legs working together.

Well, What Can I Do This Month?

April is time to get outside! Walking is a must, and some running should be involved. I’m also planning on doing some hiking, mainly in the Berkshires! And it’s time to go bike shopping. I haven’t had a bike in years! In Rhode Island, we have a lot of “bike paths” (they’re mostly multi-use paths) that allow one to see a lot of the state while getting in a good workout!

The Stats For This Month

Aug 2016Apr 2017Change
Body Fat (Skulpt)34.7%34.5%-0.2%
Right Bicep15.014.0-1.0
Left Bicep15.014.0-1.0
Right Thigh25.524.00-1.5
Left Thigh25.524.00-1.5

Another interesting month with the stats! According to my Skulpt, I gained some fat. The problem with doing measurements only once per month, if you have a bad day, you’re stuck with it until next month.

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