My Fitness Journey Update, June 2017!

My Fitness Journey Update, June 2017!

Again, this month was much more non-scale victories. May is not only Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, but it’s also my birthday month, so a lot of good food was eaten! I stopped running at the track as it aggravated my knee a little more than I was happy with, but I will head back soon. I find I don’t really have to ice after a treadmill workout, but with the track, I was icing every couple of hours. I biked a lot more, with pool days being riding days.

I’ve also been stretching and foam rolling with more consistency this month. I need to do more as I’ve only been doing it on “treadmill” days and sometimes after a bike ride. I need to stretch after every workout. I felt like the stretching is helping, but the foam rolling is becoming critical. I find knots developing in different muscle groups, and that’s exactly what the foam roller helps!

What Went Right?

I’m happy to say, a lot of things went right for me this month. My eating is becoming more and more mindful, and I’m listening to my body more instead of my head. I still grab food at the wrong times, but that’s becoming rarer, and when it happens, I try to pay attention to it and figure out why. I find one reason I grab things is I’m craving salt. Not only am I a heavy sweater, but my sweat contains a lot of “salt.” I can tell by looking at my running hats; they’re all crusted over with the “salt” stains. One of the things I do to help combat this problem is using some sort of electro-lite tablets. I’m not a fan of the drinks or the goo, they both tend to make me feel sticky. If it gets too bad, I sometimes will take a pinch or two of sea salt and eat it. I also will put salt in my water, anything to get those electro-lites back in balance!

What Went Wrong?

The biggest setback this month was the weather! We had a fairly cool May with over 4.25″ of above average rain! With my tight posterior chain, the muscles that run up the back of the body, cool, wet weather is not good for me. I need warm weather, the rain itself doesn’t bother me. We also ate out a little more than normal this month because of my birthday and Mother’s day.

Well, What Can I Do This Month?

If the weather cooperates, I will be changing things up some this month. I’ll be riding to the gym on pool days. I’m also going to start doing strength training workouts as my muscle tone is developing too slow. I feel my lower body gets plenty of work, but my upper body is missing out.

The Stats For This Month

Aug 2016June 2017Change
Body Fat (Skulpt)34.7%31.1%-3.6%
Right Bicep15.014.00-1.0
Left Bicep15.014.0-1.0
Right Thigh25.523.750-1.75
Left Thigh25.523.750-1.75

On the stats side, it’s been a good month. My weight isn’t changing much (or at all), but my body is changing. As we age, we normally lose muscle and keeping it is one of my number one goals. It looks like I’m succeeding on this front!

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