My Fitness Journey Update, March 2017!

My Fitness Journey Update, March 2017!

As I said last month, January and February are rarely good months for me. It’s dark and cold and I’m not fond of either. I have to say, cold this year has been rare, but it’s still dark.

What Went Right?

I have to say, overall, considering the month and everything, it went pretty good. I am working out on a pretty regular basis. I’ve attempted doing the 3-week yoga retreat on Beachbody On Demand and I can modify through the Core, Stretch, and Balance days, but the rest are not going to happen (more on this down on “What Can I Do This Month” section.) My nutrition is always getting better with baby-steps, but it’s going in a good direction.

What Went Wrong?

I think things are going good, except…Well, I’m having problems getting in HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts in. I love running for this very reason, HIIT workouts are built in! My rehab, while it is progressing, it’s going much too slow for me! I have tried doing 1-2 minute running intervals, but end up having the knee really ache for 3 or more days after.

Well, What Can I Do This Month?

Because I believe that most of my physical problems come from having very tight muscles, I’m going to do the 3 Week Yoga Retreat, but only the stretching workouts. For the start, I’m going to do week one, which is pretty straight forward, but getting my legs stretched out. Once the legs are to a point that I’m comfortable with, I’ll add in week two’s stretch and finally week three’s.

I’m also going to be add in strength training. This will probably happen more towards the end of the month. I might not be doing a lot of weight lifting, but body weight is fine for now. I also have to work on strengthening some of my leg muscles, especially in the butt!

The Stats For This Month

Aug 2016Mar 2017Change
Body Fat (Skulpt)34.7%32.3%-2.4%
Right Bicep15.014.0-1.0
Left Bicep15.014.0-1.0
Right Thigh25.524.50-1.0
Left Thigh25.524.50-1.0

I find these stats interesting as some of the changes from last month are huge! The weight change is pretty minor, but the body fat percentage is just so much bigger! I don’t think these number will necessary carry over into next month, but we’ll see.

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