My Fitness Journey Update, May 2017!

My Fitness Journey Update, May 2017!

This was another “non-scale” victory month. I started running at the track two days a week which is a little harder than the treadmill, but not as bad as the streets. The track is even and flat; streets have a crown in the middle which means one foot is higher than the other and the street is hard. And if I’m running on the boulevard, the chances of hitting a root or rock increases. I’m still doing pool work a couple of days a week.

What Went Right?

I think my biggest positive this month was getting a bike. It has given me a way to get a fantastic cardio workout in while still being outside! I’m not riding a lot yet, but as the summer months are ahead of us, I look forward to adding mileage to my rides.

My meal planning is getting better, which means my nutrition is getting better. This has always been a weakness of mine, being an emotional eater. I’m trying to keep less junk in the house and have healthier snacks like cut-up fruit. I still keep pretzels for a crunchy snack, but I try to limit the chips to maybe one bag a week.

My new fitness bike!

What Went Wrong?

This month I had to think about this one. Sure, there were a couple of meals that were high-fat, but I do try to limit those. I think the worst thing this month is just like the biggest positive, my bike. I find riding to be enjoyable, but I haven’t been stretching after. Doing a new workout means I’m using different muscles and using the muscles in ways I haven’t before. With my overly tight posterior chain, the muscles running up the back of your legs to your neck, not stretching is a really bad thing. This has caused my knee to become aggravated so I have to take things easy again until I get the muscles looser and in balance.

Well, What Can I Do This Month?

This is easy; stretch and foam roll! I had been foam rolling after my treadmill workouts, but my legs were feeling pretty good so I stopped the rolling and just did some static stretching. Well, once I started riding, my legs developed some hot spots, and are in critical need of my blue foam roller.

Other than the stretching and rolling, I need to keep working on my cardio workouts along with adding some strength training into help prevent more injuries.

The Stats For This Month

Aug 2016May 2017Change
Body Fat (Skulpt)34.7%31.1%-3.6%
Right Bicep15.014.0-1.0
Left Bicep15.014.0-1.0
Right Thigh25.524.00-1.5
Left Thigh25.524.00-1.5

Well this is another interesting month with the stats. I lost some inches, but the weight has stayed the same. The body fat dropped a lot this month, which means I’m adding muscle and losing fat! So, I’m calling the month a success!

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